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Boyfriend and Depression

Studies on female psychology have proved that females are twice as likely as men to face depression in a relationship. The reason may be because females tend to put importance and priority to interpersonal relationships when compared to men. Having stated that, it can be easily presumed that a boyfriend and depression come as a package. The severity of depression caused may differ from in different relationships, but it definitely exists.

Something like a clinical depression test won’t be able to answer this depression question for you. The reason why the female counterparts are more invested in a relationship can be attributed to the biological, social or psychological factors accompanying the female anatomy.

Females, from a very tender age are subconsciously ascribed the role of a nurturer or primary care-giver. Regardless of the changes in the lifestyles and role of the modern woman, females around the globe designate themselves as the caretaker of a relationship.

They have a tendency to blame themselves when a relationship appears to be dwindling, even though they may not be the ones causing it, thus triggering anxiety and depression but can be treated with something like fish oil. Research reveals that women in abusive relationships abstain from blaming their partners for a ruthless nature, and justify the abuse by conferring that had they lived up to the expectations of the partner, he would not have abused her. Thus, vain actions on the part of the female counterpart or girlfriend eventually lead to depression.

Causes Of Depression From Your Boyfriend

Depression from your boyfriend can be caused due to a slew of reason.

Overprotective and Jealous nature: Many a time, girls in a relationship morph into something they are not, just to keep their boyfriends happy. Depending on the upbringing, background and culture, a boyfriend may be jealous or suspicious by nature, or just over protective about the girl friend. Though minor presence of these traits may be desirable, extreme jealousy and over protectiveness cut- off the female in the relationship from friendships, social circuits etc. that may be a part of her identity, thus causing unhappiness and depression.

Domineering Attitude: A dominating boyfriend may eventually lead to depression in the girlfriend owing to feelings of fear or compulsion to-do-as-told. Such partners also tend to undermine the feelings, value, opinions or wishes of the girl friend, thus leading to an emotional rift and dissatisfaction from the relationship.

Lack of emotional support or Attention: As relationships grow old, partners tend to drift away from each other due to other tasks on their agenda. The drift is more prominent in males than in females. The boyfriend may not make an effort to spend quality time with the girl friend or pay attention to her, thus generating feelings of insecurity.

Depression from your boyfriend may also be due to trust issues, long distance relationships, incompatibility etc.

Relationship Depression

A relationship between two people, romantic or otherwise, may sometimes be tainted with feelings of unhappiness , extreme anger towards one another, detachment etc. Depression arising in a relationship due to the presence or behavior of either partner can be described as relationship depression. Relationship Depression occurs in every relationship at some point and if acknowledged it can be resolved to salvage the relationship. A few ways coping with a boyfriend and depression include sharing and communicating with each other, counseling, distancing each other for a reasonable duration or even ending the relationship amicably.