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Intelligent Women And Depression

Just go online and you will find a ton of depression information which says that women are more likely than men to get depressed. Each author gives a rehashed version of the same thing, and that is that mostly it is because of gender inequality that women get depression symptoms more than men and to prevent dysthymic disorder. Nowadays even though this is not as big an issue as it was earlier, many people still feel that women are discriminated against. From not being rewarded sufficiently for their work to income inequality and sexual abuse, women suffer more than men which is what causes more depression among women.

Depression Information

There is also other depression information which say that as many men suffer from depression as do women. It is just that men are not expected to talk about it and therefore not as many cases come up before the psychiatrist and also why is an accurate postpartum depression so difficult. Whatever the case may be, the generally accepted rule is that women are more prone to getting depression than are men. Recent studies have however showed that there is a certain kind of woman who is more prone to depression than others.

For example most intelligent or smart women would be the last group on the list when it comes to having depression symptoms. Yet the reverse is the truth. Many intelligent women feel that they are not being rewarded even though their men peers who are not as good at their jobs are being rewarded more than they are. This gives them a feeling of hopelessness which in turn develops into depression over time. The same studies show that there is a certain kind of intelligence however that helps women not get depressed. For instance the normal association of the word intelligence is someone who is smart and scores high on IQ.

Intelligence And Depression

There is another type of intelligence and that is emotional intelligence. Women who score highly on the emotional quotient are less prone to displaying depression symptoms than others. Whether women get depressed or not therefore depends on how strong they are emotionally. Intelligent women are also more prone to taking depression medication or other natural antidepressant pills because they will be able to recognize their problem and take measures to rectify it. Unfortunately this is not the best way to tackle depression.

Natural antidepressant extracts are mostly stimulants which means that you will get a high when you take them. If however your underlying problem is not solved you will come down even worse the next day and it will only serve to increase the depression symptoms. Depression medication is even worse which is why the dosage is very limited so that it takes months before they start showing any effect.

As per a depression information study conducted in 2006, women who scored highly on emotional intelligence could better handle stress in life and be able to handle their depression without the need for any natural antidepressant pills or other depression medication. Being able to control how they responded to negativity is what set them apart.