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Molly Abuse In America

A lot of surveys have been conducted to quantify the scope of molly abuse in the United States of America. Since molly or MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is a natural antidepressant, a lot of people from various age groups resort to the drug to flee from the pressures of everyday life. According to molly drug information, the natural antidepressant has increased in popularity amongst a lot of people below the age of 25. According to molly drug facts gathered in 2002, over ten million individuals aged 12 years and above have tried using ecstasy and molly at least once in their life. This figure has risen sharply from 6.4 million in the year 2000.

Molly Drug Information

Molly drug information states that the increase in these numbers can be attributed to a number of factors. One of the most obvious reasons is increasing pressure in regular life that pushes people towards abuse. Stressful jobs and lifestyles leave people psychologically, emotionally and physically drained. Molly, the natural antidepressant, gives just the spurt of euphoria and energy that people are looking for. People have all the money to splurge towards the quest for pleasure.

Molly Drug Facts

Again, Molly drug facts state that the number of club-hoppers and rave goers has also risen sharply. When these individuals spend the entire day working and are exhausted, only a drug like molly or cocaine can give them the energy to go partying and keep up their social life. However, this is one side of the story. Molly drug information also states that people suffering from unemployment, poverty and below standard lifestyles also resort to this drug to escape their worries. These individuals resort to crimes and drug peddling to pay for their drugs. This vicious cycle is known to devour an increasing number of youngsters every year.

Molly Comedown

One of the biggest reasons that people can not get off the drug is the molly drug comedown. The molly drug comedown leads the user to feel even more depressed and estranged. Fatigue and exhaustion takes over and another shot of molly seems to be the only way out. What people do not realize is that overusing a drug such as molly only increases undesirable feelings eventually. The molly drug comedown is a comparatively harmless effect of the drug. Administering the drug to a person who is ill or susceptible to heart or blood pressure problems can spell doom. An overdose can cause the heart to go weak which can lead to heart failure. Organ failure, hemorrhage, seizures and shock are few of the many other risks that come from a molly overdose.

Molly drug facts reveal that it is never really possible to account for every person that has administered the drug. One of the main reasons for this is a drug user’s denial. Not every drug user is going to admit to the fact that he or she is onto a certain illicit drug. Again, these surveys do have their limitations as it is not possible to get information from every individual in the US.  However, even a rough measure of the number of individuals using molly for recreation is staggering and must set the alarm bells ringing.