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St. John's Wort Dosage

St. John’s Wort dosage is an herbal supplement taken to treat problems of depression and anxiety. It is a natural herb that has been traditionally used to solve issues relates to ones mood such as sadness, sleeplessness, trauma, irritable moods and even mild depression. A St. John’s Wort dosage has been shown to enhance the chemicals in the brain that ensure its proper functioning. This is something great to offer for treatments when a person is asking for depression help from loved ones.

The St. John’s Wort dosage for depression can be consumed either in liquid form or as pills. They are available in various varieties such as capsules, tablets and tea bags. These can be readily purchased over the counter in the pharmacies, food stores and even online. In general a St. John’s Wort dosage of 300mg taken three times everyday is recommended which gives a therapeutic effect.

Benefits of St. John’s Wort Dosage for Depression

St. John’s Wort dosage for depression is one of the safest alternatives to anti-depressants which are addictive and may also have many risky side-effects. It is considered to be an all natural treatment and proven to treat mild forms of depression, stress and anxiety and even a depressed girlfriend as well. Side-effects of taking this herbal supplement are also minimal which typically subside after the initial days of taking the supplement. Additionally it is also much less expensive than the other prescription drugs that are available to cure mood-related issues.

St. John’s Wort has also proved to be beneficial for women with menopausal symptoms. It helps ease the symptoms of menopause and is definitely a safer alternative to hormone replacement therapy when depression is an exaggerated symptom. The effectiveness of using St. John’s Wort can be seen almost immediately which is another added advantage. You are not required to take heavy doses of the supplement for days at a stretch to feel its effect on your mood. It is fast acting and you can experience its outcome in a short period of time. It can be taken on a need to use basis and stringent intervals of dosage need not be followed as opposed to prescription anti-depressants.

Important Information about St. John’s Wort Dosage for Anxiety

It is important to be aware that in spite of being considered safe, St. Johns dosage for anxiety may have some side-effects for a minority of the people using it. Some of these mild side-effects include dizziness, gastrointestinal pains or fatigue. Some consumers may also experience sensitivity to ultra-violent rays and therefore it is recommended that they avoid direct exposure to sunlight. However these issues are very rare.

It is also advised that you consult a doctor before starting this herbal remedy as St. John’s dosage for anxiety may react with other drugs that you are already taking. It has the capacity to reduce the effectiveness of other medications. Also it may have a negative reaction if taken with other anti-depressants. It has been reported to interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills and few heart disease related medications. Thus if you experience any unusual reactions such as an allergy, high blood pressure or an upset stomach then a doctor should be consulted immediately. Furthermore it is important to be well-informed of the fact that St. John’s Wort is only used for mild forms of depression or anxiety. For severe cases of depression an expert health care provider should be conferred with.