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St. John's Wort

One question that keeps many people guessing is “What is St. John’s Wort?” Well, among the various herbs that are available, St. John’s Wort is one of the commonly used herbs especially in the United States and counts for herbs for anxiety. It is a perennial plant with yellow flowers. St. John’s Wort got its name because the yellow flowers bloomed for the first time during June 24, the day which is believed to be St. John the Baptist’s birthday. The term “Wort” refers to “plant” in English. St.John’s wort has been used as a folk remedy for many decades and is excellent when it comes to treating emotional disorders. This answers the question, ”What is St. John’s Wort”?

What Are The Known St. John’s Wort Benefits

St. John’s wort benefits are innumerable and knowing the SAM-e side effects as well. This is probably one drug that is used for treating mental disorders. In fact few years back this drug was known to get rid of evil spirits in the body. Other known St. John’s wort benefits are that it is used for healing wound and also for many other conditions.

Are There Any St. John’s Wort Side Effects

St. john’s wort side effects has always been a matter of great debate. Actually from the facts we collect, it is seen that the extracts of St. John’s wort  are standardized and there are no visible side effects of the same. There is yet another component called hyperforin  that is found to have some antidepressant effects. There are many experts who consider hyperforin to be the primary compound that contain antidepressant. Of course, there is more research needed to come to a conclusion that there are any negative St. john’s wort side effects. Till date, there are lot of positive effects that are recorded with the use of this product.

St. John’s Wort Review

Today St. John’s wort is found in many forms like capsule, tablet, liquid extract, tea and dry herb. There are some exclusive oil based lotions and ointments that are also available. All products that are made using St. John’s Wort are standardized and contain around 5% hyperforin. There are many sites that are available online where you can read St. john’s wort review . By reading these reviews you can understand the products and the effects of the same. St. john’s wort review is given by the users who have used this product for long.

Hence, by going through all the reviews you can come to know if this product or herb is effective in curing mental disorders.