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Stress Symptoms

Stress is one of the biggest health problems in the world. There would hardly be a person who is not affected by this irritating problem. It does not seem that terrifying but once you are engulfed by it, there is no escape from it unless you are strong willed and use effective stress treating remedies to cure it.

Information About Stress

Stress can strike anyone. Be it an adult, a young child or an elderly person. No individual is safe from this menace but this issue can be resolved. To cure stress, you first need to know what stress is and what its symptoms are and possibly finding an herbal anxiety treatment that works for anxiety as well. Stress happens when you worry about something and continue thinking about that problem for a long while. For example, if you have a big exam coming up and you have not started preparing for it, you can become tensed. However, if you let that worry control you and affect your routine chores then you are under the influence of stress.

Understanding Stress

To understand stress, you need to know the stress symptoms. Stress indicators are staying anxious or worried about an issue for long periods like days or weeks; not being able to sleep properly as you are busy thinking about that problem; eating very less or at times no food at all; losing concentration while focusing on simple tasks. These are some of the stress symptoms besides potentially looking into a test for stress. These signs vary from person to person, as everybody is different. You need to keep a check on your routine and notice if you find any of these signs. It is normal if you suffer from insomnia occasionally or you lose your appetite if you are anxious about a big event; but suffering from these issues on a daily basis is certainly not normal. These are indications of stress. And it needs to be dealt with properly.

Treating Stress

The first thing you should do when you notice these stress symptoms is visit your doctor. Tell him about your problems. Talk to him about your routine and how anxious you get. He would then check whether you are experiencing normal or chronic stress. Getting your stress diagnosed is very important before you start using some medication.

Supplements that can Reduce Stress

Doctors often recommend stress patients to use herbal supplements for stress. These supplements can reduce your stress levels to a great extent provided they are made from natural herbs. Some of the effectual herbal supplements for stress are 5-HT, SAMe, Folic acid, D-phenylalanine (also known as DPA) and L-Tyrosine. 5-HT is a supplement made from Griffonia simplicifolia. It acts like an anti-depressant and does not have any grave side effects. SAMe or generally known as S-adenosylmethionine is also found in our body and helps in recuding stress. It is also available in the form of pills. Folic acid also aids in lowering your stress levels.

Folic acid is found in nuts, poultry, whole wheat bread, grapefruit, dark green vegetables like spinach and asparagus. Folic acid supplements are also available in the market. DPA reduces depression and works like a painkiller. L-Tyrosine is an amino acid in our body that works effectively against stress. L-Tyrosine supplements can also be bought from some good pharmacy. You can use these wonderful herbal supplements for stress but after consulting them with your doctor.