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Stress Test

Stress can affect the heart adversely. In order to keep a check over stress level, it is very important to conduct a stress test. People who are already suffering with heart problem must go through the stress test. The stress test basically provides doctor with the information about the state of heart and its functioning during stress and relieving anxiety. Although there are stress natural remedies to avoid bad heart state but even then conducting a stress test can help diagnose all the heart problems that might be unknown otherwise. The stress test can be long as long as 3 hours but normally it takes only one hour to conduct it.

Stress Test

In a stress test the patient is asked to exercise at the outset. The exercise could be jogging on the treadmill or to pedal a bicycle. These exercises cause the heart beat fast and the circulation of the blood in body also get faster. During this stressful physical condition, the doctor monitors patient’s heart by attaching electrodes to chest, legs or arms and viewing the heart activity on the monitor. The breathing activity during the stress tests is also very important and is closely observed by the doctor. Any problem in breathing would indicate an abnormal heart activity, which can in turn indicate towards Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)/ Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease cannot be diagnosed under normal conditions; it can only be diagnosed when the heart is made to work harder, demanding more oxygen and blood. This is only possible during the stress test when physical activity makes the heart to perform differently. In case if the arteries are narrow and not flexible enough to let supply enough blood then it is known to be a potential cause of coronary heart disease, which the doctor cures through stress natural remedies and medicines.

Heart problems are triggered by stress and it is advisable to go through the stress test if one feels any discomfort or pinching feeling at the point of heart. The stress test is safe and does not harm the heart patient at all. There are extremely rare cases in which stress test could have caused any heart attack, statistics says that 1 out of 5000 cases have been of any heart attack during a stress test. Doctors take appropriate medical precautions to save the patients from any harm during the stress test. Patients are advised to take special medicine before stress test and also a comfortable environment is created for the patient to keep his heart stable.

Stress Natural Remedies

Stress natural remedies and stress relief vitamins are advisable to be taken by everyone in today’s stressful conditions even if one has an absolutely healthy heart as it will not help lower stress levels as well as prevent him from heart ailments for a long span of time. Regular check-up, good diet, moderate exercises along with proper rest are all those aspects that lead towards a fit lifestyle, healthy heart and personal well-being.  Managing stress at the start can keep ones heart safe in the end.