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OCD Treatment

If you have Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors that take a toll on your life, you will be relieved to know that there are many OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) treatment options out there. Over the past two decades, behavioral therapy has been proved to be an effective treatment for getting OCD relief just like pregnancy mood swings as well. Medications are also prescribed to alleviate the symptoms. Though there is no permanent OCD cure, getting appropriate treatment can help ease the symptoms and aid you to improve the quality of your life.

OCD Medications

Antidepressants like fluvoxamine or Fluoxetine are recommended by doctors for OCD remedy. Natural remedies like the valerian root benefits can also be helpful. If your symptoms are severe, you may not be able to perform your regular activities. Medicines help reduce the severity of the symptoms, so they play an integral role in the initial OCD treatment phase.

OCD Therapies and Counseling

Counseling can help you get OCD cure to some extent. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective type of counseling to treat this disorder. This therapy involves exposing yourself to an obsessive thought like fear of germs and denying yourself the repeated compulsive behavior like washing hands. The therapy is done with the help of a trained therapist, which helps in easing the symptoms significantly.

Before starting the therapy, the therapist may ask you to write a list of your obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors and things you want to avoid. He/she may also instruct you to give a rank you each obsession, depending on the amount of anxiety you experience. Then he/she starts the OCD treatment by exposing you to an obsession that triggers a reasonable amount of anxiety and gradually moving on to the obsession triggering the highest level of anxiety. The aim of therapy is to make you understand that your thoughts are not the problem, but how you respond to them can cause the problem. Understanding how various responses to thoughts can affect the way you behave can help you get OCD cure. Medicines may be combined with the therapy to provide better OCD relief.

Natural OCD Remedy

You can get OCD relief safely by using some natural methods. Herbs like St. John’s Wort help relieve depression symptoms. Before attending therapy session, you can consider using herbs to reduce the level of anxiety. Passiflora is yet another soothing herb that helps reduce anxiety.

Making some lifestyle changes is a natural OCD remedy that can help improve your overall health. A balanced diet enriched with nutrients can help you get relief from many symptoms of OCD. Reducing your sugar intake and simple carbohydrates and taking whole grains and high protein snacks can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Caffeine can aggravate anxiety, so it is advisable to avoid or reduce your intake of tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Getting sufficient sleep and rest is important to relieve OCD symptoms. If you have obsessive thoughts, it is more difficult to fall or stay asleep. Lack of sufficient sleep can increase anxiety and other OCD symptoms. Taking a warm shower, listening to soothing music and following a bedtime routine can help you get sound sleep at nights. Exercise, relaxation techniques and massage therapy can also help reduce the symptoms of OCD in a safe and natural manner.