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5HTP Anxiety

Anxiety is defined as a state of uneasiness, resembling an emotion close to fear that arises due to an external or internal stimulus, which has occurred in the past and was followed by negative events. It is an emotional state of restlessness owing to an unforeseen event lurking in the future, something like attachment disorder in adults, or due to a stressful situation in the recent past. 5-HTP is a chemical derivative of the amino acid tryptophan- both of which is naturally occurring proteins in the human body and is responsible in maintaining a healthy nervous system by controlling negative moods, anxiety, depression etc.  5-HTP is the shorthand for the chemical name ‘5- hydroxytryptophan’.

5HTP For Anxiety

It is a common practice for doctors to prescribe 5htp for anxiety and also valerian root benefits as well. This is because, 5HTP works by metabolizing into serotonin- a neurotransmitter that is responsible for stabilizing negative moods and feelings of anxiety. A lack of serotonin in the brain and nervous system leads to negative feelings of depression. Thus using 5HTP for anxiety effectively reduces symptoms of anxiety as it is absorbed directly into the brain, thus raising serotonin levels. In fact, it is considered to be better than tryptophan due to its quick absorption and rapid action properties due to its ability to cross blood- brain barriers at  a faster rate.

Natural Sources Of 5HTP Anxiety Treatment

Natural sources of 5HTP include meat proteins such as poultry-turkey, chicken, dairy products, chocolate, brown rice etc., however owing to its mood alleviating properties; it is manufactured on a large scale for commercial purposes. 5HTP supplements are synthetically made from the seeds of a plant named ‘Griffonia simplicfolia’ found in Africa.

Side Effects And Precautions When Using 5htp Anxiety Remedy

Because it is a commonly found over the counter dietary supplement, 5HTP anxiety remedy is used by people liberally. However, the fact that 5HTP anxiety remedy may have severe side effects or can be harmful in cases of over dosage or is often neglected. Feelings of nausea, vomiting, flatulence, heartburn, light headedness and other gastro-intestinal disorders are commonly reported symptoms of using 5HTP without proper medical advice.

Using 5htp anxiety relief supplements are also not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes and women who are nursing or expecting. Care must be taken to take the advice of a medical practitioner before taking 5HTP with other anti-depressants simultaneously, due to possible negative interaction between the chemicals in the body.

The recommended dosage for 5HTP anxiety relief supplements is 50 mg per day. Individuals who do not feel any improvements may slowly increase the dose to 100 mg a day, but only after consulting a practitioner. This is because, low level of serotonin is not the only cause for anxiety and depression, in which case consuming 5HTP anxiety relief supplements  may lead to an excess of serotonin in the body, thus leading to further complications.

5HTP Anxiety Treatment Versus Anti-Depressants

The main advantage of using 5htp anxiety treatment over other commercially available anti-depressants lies in its herbal nature as a result of which its side effects are not as harsh as other anti-depressants. Secondly, individuals on anti-depressants have a propensity to become dependent on the drugs and find it difficult to withdraw themselves from the treatment.