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Reasons for Stress

The reasons for stress and what is stress can be different for a person depending upon his age group and conditions. If stress reasons are divided into three broad categories then it would be as:

-Stress at Workplace
-Family problems and Domestic Stress
-Academics and Stress of Students

These reasons for stress are further elaborated as:

Stress at Workplace

The tasks, competition and deadlines at the workplace are the major reason for stress. Workplace environment can trigger stress in so many ways. Being over-burdened with the office tasks is the primary cause of stress, where the employee fails to cope up with the assignment. There could be many reasons for it including poor time management, procrastination and unrealistic deadlines. The situation of contemporary recession has made the employees’ job security cynical that ultimately leads to stress. The pressure of promotion and acquiring a better position among peers is yet another reason of stress. In order to increase one’s market value people tend to enroll in different courses to acquire a variety of skills and perform multitasking. Due to such stressful competition lives have become complicated than ever.

Things can balance out if the co-workers show high moral values and do not trip their colleagues up but unfortunately, such work environment is a far away thought as contemporary, the blame culture, bullying, and lack of support network has become a norm in the work places causing stress and desperation. Usually attempts at a stress relief supplement are made at this point. This type of situation becomes even worse for the working mothers who have to juggle between family as well as professional life. Due to such conditions, people have grown more inclined towards using herbal supplements for stress management.

Family Problems and Domestic Stress

The domestic and family problems are mostly related to housewives but they can also put a deep impact over the head of the family as well as the children. A housewife that performs a 24-hour job for the house members can encounter many reasons that can cause stress. The stress of grooming the children, cook delicious food, keeping the home in order and meeting up to the expectations of husband and in-laws is no mean feat. The most crucial point of a woman’s domestic stress is that she has to bear up with both workplace and academic stress that her husband and children bring home! The intake of herbal supplements for stress can keep the women mentally healthy and strong.

Academics and Stress of Students

The younger ones too tackle with a lot of stress before even entering in to the practical life. The reason of stress for students is the pressure to show best result and to be at the top. Sadly, this reason for stress has taken its most dreadful form as the incidents of student suicide has increased dramatically since past some years. This matter needs to be addressed very seriously and students must be educated to deal and alleviate their stress.

The academics can also become burden when students tend to select subjects according to parents’ will and pressure and contrary to their own interest. In this situation students lose concentration in studies, fail to show good result and consider education as a burden rather.

It is advisable for the students to take some herbal supplements for stress so that their mental capability does not get affected.