Feel your best All Day, Every Day


Presently, stress is a commonly used term and also the most excessively experienced state of emotion. We say it and feel it every now and then. The reason is that the conditions and environment have changed dramatically since the past years. Life has not remained simpler anymore. Today there is more competition, demands, goals, insecurities and fantasies that have ultimately led mankind towards stress and the effects of mood disorder. Today talking about stress has become an absolutely normal thing as people have accepted it as part and parcel of life and little talk about stress management is there, which is an inappropriate culture. Every person must mind the roots of his stress, basing upon his age group, profession, nature and gender.

If age group, one’s nature, profession and gender are brought into account then the stress can be divided into three major categories.

Teen Stress

It can be termed as the “first phase of stress in life”. As the person steps into puberty, he encounters many pressures and stresses not just due to external changes but also due to internal changes. Internal changes play the most significant role in teen stress, as the hormonal and chemical changes experienced by the teen cause emotional fluctuations. Mood swings, hyper activity or loss of interest are some of the most prominent features of the emotional fluctuations.

Teen stress can be amplified due to academic pressure and to add more complexity to this age, love arrives. The relationships in the teen group can lead to a very stressful situation due to immaturity. It is very important for the parents and teachers to remain aware about the stress of their children and help them to manage it adequately. Natural herbal supplements for stress or an anxiety relief remedy can also be given to teens according to doctor’s advice for teens’ betterment.

Adult stress

Adult stress is a broad category and it incorporates the most serious and stressful facts about life. Regardless of the gender, adult stress can put very deep impacts on anyone. The adults in a workplace face the most brutal realities of life that can rock their emotions to the core and make them stressful. The competition in the workplace, lack of support, security and appreciation are all the conditions that make the person tense and the pressure to make the both ends meet in the situation of current recession worsens stress. Maintaining a good life standard presently is not a piece of cake.

Another interesting fact about stress is that the people who have been retired from jobs encounter yet another degree of stress, which bears aspects of joblessness, nostalgia, over-sensitivity, insecurity and loneliness.  It is very advisable for adults to take herbal supplements for stress, to maintain their emotional well-being.

Feminine Stress

Woman, whether professional or housewives have a massive baggage of pressures, responsibilities, expectations and stresses to deal with. They not only have to deal with chores but have to raise a family too, which can be quite nerve-racking task. It is important for women to build a strong support system, which whom they could communicate to ease their emotions and along with that, herbal supplements for stress would do a great job.