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What is Stress

Stress is any state that overwhelms a person, negatively or positively. Most of the times we consider stress as a negative feeling because commonly stressed is felt because of the things, situations and people that are unwanted or unfavorable for us. The compelling feeling that makes one do the undesired puts stress over him and he, unwillingly feels bounded by it. Stress is also used as a synonym for tension and any state of unhappiness and discontent. Contrary to this and the medical answer to “what is stress” is that and also anxiety effects on your mind, it is known to be a state of mind that is influenced by both external and internal factors. External situations can put a person under stress and that stress could be thrilling and positive too.

Positive Stress

People may ask that what is stress, which is termed as positive stress? The answer is very simple. In any situation, you must think that what type of effect is the situation is causing upon you. If it is exciting you and making you look forward to something, then it will be called as positive stress. Growing popularity about treating stress with herbs is very real as well. Suppose, there is going to be an event in your school, college, office or family and you are very excited about it. This excitement will keep you in a high spirit all the times, and one will feel energetic about discussing, preparing and imagining about that event. Putting more simply, an event, which will be keeping you occupied by making you feel happy and eager, is said to put you in positive stress. A positive stress can be about getting a better job, studying your favorite subject, meeting a loved one, getting married or may be even about going to shopping to buy your favorite dress. Positive stress will keep injecting energy into your mind, body and soul.

Negative Stress

One may encounter a situation in which he might feel as if all his enthusiasm has been drained out of mind and body. This is what would be called as negative stress. In a state of negative stress, a person feels absolutely awful about the thing that is making him stressful, that thing could be as significant as departure of a loved one, working on a difficult assignment in the workplace or might be as a petty matter as tolerating the company of an undesired person.

Stress Effects

Loss of interest, uneasiness and state of aggression are common signs felt when a person is going through negative stress. Sometimes it is unavoidable to carry out the task, which is causing negative stress. In that case, a person should dwell upon the brighter sides of the stressful aspect to gain some interest. For example, in case of some difficult and undesired task one must think about the positive side of the task, that what kind of learning opportunities it offers, and what incentive the task will beget when accomplished adequately.

A little positive approach in the situation of negative stress can make things appear better and also help to expand the horizon of the person.  Along with that, stress natural remedies can also be adopted to alleviate stress. One of the stress natural remedies is yoga and medication that can help to soothe the senses of the person. Other than that herbal supplements is also a good stress natural remedies. By taking these precautions one can lead a better life with a stable emotional state and then you would ask yourself the question that What is stress and you would know the answer too.